Even Puppies Love Nasty Lube

My wife loves animals and is making an effort to make a difference in the number of animals that are less fortunate by fostering dogs. As a direct result of this we now have a puppy in our house, last night in an effort to play him out we took him for his first big adventure in the real world.

We started off by trying to get into the car, which was pretty scary, so my wife picked him up and put him in the car like a recalcitrant child of two. This was followed by a fairly short drive filled with a large amount of serious and hard done by whining. Upon arrival at our¬†adventurous locale and were afraid to get out of the car. Using my best dog whisperer voice I assured the puppy that no harm would befall him should he leave the car. In spite of my reassurances and further sugarcoating of it, he made his disbelief more evident with much quivering and had to be bodily removed. At least he didn’t piddle.

Once everyone was on the ground, so to speak, I outfitted my wife with my spare toque and headlight and off they went while I put my bike together and made ready to ride. At this point the puppy looked like this

At some point however, even though he was not in close proximity to my well lubed chain he somehow¬†managed to come out of the car (Not of his own accord) looking like this. Now if the lure of the lube is such that he managed to do this to himself undetected whilst under close observation, imagine what he might look like after a few minutes alone and unsupervised where he could properly have his way with it…

There you have it, it’s puppy approved.

Keep the lube on your chain!

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