Lets Talk About Nano Technology and Chain Lube.


This has got to be the largest load of bullshit I've seen in my entire life (I've tastefully smudged the name of the company a little so you won't know who they are). $95 and that's American money, for 2 ounces of miracle lube.

I have in fact now decided to construct the chain testing machine of doom. I will invite any manufacturer of chain lube to send me their products as well as their ludicrous claims and we will see how they hold up in the real world. I have not yet fully decided on the plans for the ultimate chain lube tester, but it will involve a full drivetrain, and a special 'trough' which the chain can be run through. The trough will have the ability to hold liquid and this liquid will have the ability to suspend any number of abrasive solutions, especially those you might encounter in the real world.

This is not going to be a how many theoretical watts of power can the lube save you sort of machine. There are lots of those around. This is going to be a run it until it can't shift or makes so much noise it hurts your ears sort of test machine.

Here is a link to a fellow who tests lube and watts of drag kind of thing independently.

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