What is Nasty Lube really?

I thought perhaps a quick explanation of how and when our lube should be used could be in order. We have two kinds, one called Sultry and the other called Siberian. Sultry is designed and blended primarily for warmer riding conditions, the heat of summer where sweat drips freely from your brow. It’s quite thick and sticky and a little goes a very long way. Siberian is the very same blend as sultry but it is thinned to make it more friendly to applications in cold weather where your breath freezes in your mustache. Because of this extra thinning agent even if it’s brutally cold, say -25 or -30 (or lower if you are truly hardcore) you can still get some oil that will work and last on your chain. Using this lube in a warm indoor climate, say a heated carshed, will make it quite runny so you may wind up with some drippage if you are not careful! As with the summer lube, a little will go a long way.


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