On lube and labels.

I have to admit as a seasoned sort of nerdy guy who would rather ride than type that I never for a moment even conceived that making a label with a front set of text for the front to attract your attention, and a back set of text for the back to make sure you only put it on your chain would be the toughest part of trying to sell chain lube for your riding pleasure. Personally I figured it would be getting the labels on the bottles square so it didn’t look I took them down to the local preschool for free labor. Then there’s this blogging. In a fit of inspiration, telling him he could be famous, I tried to trick Pappy into some short story writing once a week, but I don’t think he’s falling for it. Not one bit.

Ah well. Time will tell.

I’m going for a ride tonight in the good singletrack. Be envious, I have overboots.

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