Someone’s been eating MY porridge!


Robbed of riding the good singletrack last night on my way home by a fricking train that was in park mode, I resorted to using the Nasty Lube top secret test track, which is pretty much private once the sun goes down. Once you get 4 or 5 km from the staging area you don’t usually see much for people tracks until there is enough snow for them to set track for skiing. Last night however I was in for a rude shock. Someone had been out there before me! I felt strange, almost angered by these tracks! How dare someone ride out here with the beavers and the porcupines but me? To top everything off the track was funny, skinny like a roadbike would make and sunk right through what snow there was. What happened to all of this mid, fat half fat, baby fat, kind of fat tire bike talk when they started to diddle with fatbike tire sizes? Did they just jump right to skinny fat? Was it one of them newfangled cross bike things?

I hope he was using the right chain lube!

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