When it starts getting colder…

Climbing in the snow

Have you ever secretly hoped that the downhill section of the trail you are on would end because your brake levers are so cold that they are burning your fingers through the expensive winter gloves you just bought?

Have you ever looked forward to the ugly uphill section because you know you might not make it and if you have to get off and push it will help your frozen toes warm up because your feet will be moving more than when you are just grinding away on the pedals?

Have you ever cursed the runtime of your overly expensive but very bright lights because the low battery indicator came on only an hour and half into your ride?

Have you ever watched a hungry owl slowly glide along out in front of the halo of your headlight while they hope you might scare up supper for them?

Have you ever listened to a pack of coyotes howling out somewhere in front of you, and then heard the pack behind you answer?

You are part of the lucky few, the lucky few who somehow find the motivation to not be a fair weather rider.

Put some lube on your chain and ride!

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