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I'm not going to shine anyone on here about how this chain lube was developed in secret by NASA and Aliens from the powder of some rare asteroid with me overseeing the entire process to ensure it was done correctly. The truth of it is you can mix this very same stuff up yourself if you want to, out of readily available off the shelf ingredients.

I will tell you what prompted me to try and sell it though. I strayed from the path. I ran out of my special (Let's call it artisan, that sounds better than homemade right?) lube. I was lazy and near a bike shop. I got some name brand store bought chain lube claiming to be for wet conditions that cost 15.00 for 2 ounces. Although it was pink, smelled kind of not really like oil and claimed to be loaded with ceramic it was a fail. An epic fail that included an hours worth of continual persistent drive train noise on my usual 2 hour evening ride.

Nasty Lube is for people who ride long hours in the dark. Who ride when the days grow short and cold. It's for riders who are riding in slop at the beginning of their ride but by the end it has started to freeze up, sometimes along with the sprockets in their rear derailleur.

You can even use it on your fat bike.


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