The Warm Weather Cometh, and The Warm Weather Taketh Away.

I just hate it when it’s cold, it just makes everything so much harder to do. Harder to get motivated. Harder to keep warm. Harder to find good spots to hang things to dry. Harder to get ready to just go out and do it. You get the picture, It’s not as convenient. (Ha!)

What I hate even more though is when it gets warm after a week or two of bitter cold, and somehow, for some reason or reasons you find yourself unable to get out and make things happen. I’m not talking about just making excuses here, I’m talking about real things. Things like fixing some crap around the house. That tire with the slow leak that you should have fixed the last time you didn’t go out but sat on the couch instead telling yourself it was the valve stem. Various and sundry social engagements that you have to partake in lest you be considered an ass. Those sorts of real life things.

Here’s to hoping I can get out at least once before it get’s cold again, and you as well, if you are suffering from the same malady as I.

Keep the lube on your chain!

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