The Cold Wind That Freezes Your Waterbag


As I get older it seems to get a lot easier for me to try things in my head and decide that I’m not going to like them. You know you’ve done the same thing. I think everyone does. You know, things like that funny desert that someone brought to the potluck that looks like jello with bits of kitty litter in it. Things like backpacks full of water. Elevated chainstays… Well, you get the idea.

I have also found that it gets a lot harder to get to liking something after you’ve decided that you aren’t going to. When I used to ski cross country in the winter I never really had any trouble with staying hydrated, you’d put your stuff in a wine skin and off you’d go, not a worry in the world. It’s awful hard to take a sip from a wine skin that’s all tucked away under a layer or two without stopping when you are riding though, and water bottles tend to freeze up pretty quick when it’s cold. After suffering from frozen water bottle syndrome for a few years I thought it was time to try and get to liking a bag of water in a pack pack.  You all know what I’m talking about, they’ve been around for ages, here is a link in case you are uncertain of what I mean.

Dragging the waterbag I’d bought for my significant other out of the cupboard (No she didn’t really ever use it) I eyed it critically, thinking about how sweaty it was going to make my back, how dorky I’d look without my fanny pack, how I’d have to reorganize all my stuff to try and fit in there with it’s big floppy sack. Arg, change, arg the humanity!  I’ll keep it under my outermost shell and blow back through the hose after I have a drink, that should keep it from freezing up I thought to myself after I got some of my stuff jammed in there with the bladder, and this seemed to be working really good until last night when I was out.

Now in the waterbags defense, it was cold, so cold that my poor phone froze as well, which did nothing to help my already arid mood as not only could I not partake of the gallon of water I was carrying around on my back (Well not without maybe some warranty voiding) I was  also unable to take any pictures for the website as I had been instructed. Tonight we try again, but with some different hose routing.

I will triumph eventually, and if not, well I guess it’s not really any worse than having frozen water bottles…

Keep the lube on your chain.

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