What Kind of Rider Are You?

Last night I managed to get out for a ride.  While I was out trying to keep both my phone and waterbag from freezing, I was also trying to keep an eye out for inspirational sort of pictures or at least a spot to try and take a good one. The last few nights of riding yielded many a good spot, but with it being so cold I found myself less than enthusiastic to see if my warm and sweaty fingers would freeze to the metal back of my phone while I waited to see if it would start. I keep it my overboot now. It seems happy there. It rubs on my ankle but yeah, it seems happy there.

On to our picture! It’s the sort of picture that sums a lot of things up nicely, things like why slippery roots get removed from the tops of steep climbs, or why a lot of trail obstacles that can really make a mediocre trail or especially a long and boring climb more interesting seem to get removed. It is these obstacles that make us better.

So tell me… What sort of rider are you….?


Keep the lube on your chain!

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